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Justice For Murdered Children is determined to see that the scales of justice are balanced, that our murdered children are not forgotten and that the rights of the victims' families are zealously protected.

Across this great country of ours, families of murdered children have lost faith in the criminal justice system; they have been treated as a mere afterthought. It is time that these families get the support they so desperately deserve. For them it does not end when they bury their child; it is only the beginning of an everlasting nightmare.

Justice For Murdered Children is committed to protecting our children from homicide. We are adamant about providing safe streets, communities and schools. Children can no longer live in fear of being murdered on the streets of the United States of America.

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Mission ofJustice For Murdered Children

Our Mission is to reduce the number homicides, reduce the number of unsolved homicides and to assist families that have lost loved-ones to homicide.

OBJECTIVES & PURPOSES of Justice For Murdered Children  OBJECTIVES


  • We provide additional eyes and ears for law enforcement in the fight against homicide.
  • We educate ourselves and the public on ways to help policymakers, community leaders and the criminal justice system become more-effective and responsive to the needs of homicide victims and their families.
  • We assist and support the families of murder victims and the witnesses through the criminal justice system.

Family Services

  • We offer monthly support group meetings for the families of murder victims.
  • We offer daily counseling with licensed therapists to families of murder victims.
  • We assist families through the victim-rights process.
  • We assist with burial expenses.
  • We refer survivors to the appropriate social agencies as needed.


  • Educate ourselves & the public about homicide.
  • Educate youth, communities and all citizens about criminal activities within their community.
  • Educate the community about how to inform law enforcement of criminal activities in their neighborhood.
  • Educate youth on how not to become victims of violence.
  • Offer resolutions concerning social issues that have an impact on homicide, i.e. drugs, poverty & gang activity.

HISTORY of Justice For Murdered Children

JFMC was founded in 1996 by LaWanda Hawkins when her only child, Reggie was murdered. LaWanda, along with other parents who had lost children to homicide discovered that their cases were going unsolved and that they had been left out of the criminal justice process. Together they felt the need to form Justice For Murdered Children.


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